A counselor’s role comes into force and brightness to a person who is going through depression. A counselor helps his client to come out of a difficult situation they are distressed and have entire interest in living.  As a counselor you can understand things from client’s perspective and can aid him to watch out things more clearly and specifically.

Counseling more can be said to be the skill as to assist people by the mean of discussions to aid them to cope in various adverse situations and circumstances. A counselor happens to be a teacher, confidant and advisor to his/her clients. A counselor help people troubled psychologically in problems as personal, family, educational, mental health, drug and alcohol addition and many other problems related to career decisions. A counselor works in variety of surroundings like schools, colleges, clinics, deaddiction, NGOS, AIDS counseling centers welfare departments as well as in private practice. There are counseling services which cater to certain specific groups like young people, the elderly or specific problems like drug addiction, AIDS and other problems. With reference to providing counseling there are many places where a person can learn and objectify things as a counselor.

As far as place to work a counselor works in both private as well as schools in metros, coaching institutes and training centers and some professional counselor develops their career as marriage and behavioral counselors. Counselors do also get employment in clinics, welfare departments and non government organizations as to cater with developmental issues. They work in health care facilities including vocational rehabilitation centers, social agencies, correctional institutions and residential care facilities like rehabilitation programs for criminal offenders and homes for abandoned children, the aged and the disabled. Industrial organizations too also seek assistance from counselor for handing out welfare and labor relations problems.

Counselors do also get employment in social welfare organizations for improving overall condition of the society under drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and under state and local government agencies. Internets have also provided better opportunities for counselor as for the online counseling that has become to integral to online education.

Online chat with the counselor for developing personality in steps like mock interviews, aptitude tests to evaluate are some of the features of the Online Counseling.

Eligibility: As far as legibility to take admission into the course is not as prominent yet anyone who needs to make career into the field of counseling should have a specialization into the course or in that field or area of job. The ideal qualification to become or get enrolled in counseling is to have some premier knowledge and learning in psychology. One can also have study in the field after having postgraduate study in psychology at most colleges and universities. Moreover apart from academic qualifications a counselor should also have high physical and emotional energy to handle the array of problems as being addressed by them.

Therefore, it is evident where there is occurring a mad race and competitiveness in order to get away and ahead of others the pressure of modern life is even forcing people to have professional, emotional, social help to get out of vocational problems after having counseling.

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