No matter your job or your salary, at some point it becomes necessary to learn how to handle personal relationships. Personal relationships add richness to our lives, and studies indicate that people live longer, feel healthier and enjoy better emotional and mental health. However, it can be difficult to develop these relationships in a healthy manner.

In some cases, people need to see professional counselors in order to help them develop healthy relationships. However, if you are looking for a little simple guidance, you can find it online. There are a number of blogs that can provide insight into your personal relationships and how to develop them. Here are 50 blogs that can help you with your personal relationships.

Romantic Relationship Blogs

If you are looking for help in a romantic relationship, or in your marriage, you can get advice and insight from these blogs.

  1. Sex, Lies and Dating in the City: A great relationship blog that can help you navigate the intricacies of dating.
  2. Don’t Be a Slut: Relationship advice and ideas from this writer who tells you, well, how not to be a slut. It’s good advice form someone who’s been there.
  3. Diary of a Disillusioned Dater: This blog is all about the trials of dating and relationships. Watch out, though: The language can get pretty raunchy, and it’s not safe for work.
  4. Love and Relationship Advice Blog: A great blog filled with helpful advice and insights about healthy romantic relationships.
  5. Te Amo HQ: Interesting look at relationships and love, and includes information on better sex relationships.
  6. Relationship Advice for Relationship Bliss: Helpful information and advice that can help you improve your relationships.
  7. 2Passion’s Blog: This married baby boomer shares insights about aging in a relationship.
  8. Single Black Male: A blog, from a male perspective, about dating and relationships.
  9. Dating is Weird: A look at dating, and some of the quirks that come with you.
  10. Dating Advice from a Girl: Learn about developing good relationships. This is especially helpful for men, but even women can benefit from this blog.
  11. Project Happily Ever After: This blog is about what it takes to make a marriage work. Helpful information and insights.
  12. Save the Marriage Blog: All about keeping the marriage together, and what it takes to keep a marriage from falling apart. Perfect for those who are ready to work.
  13. This Gay Relationship: If you are interested in having a successful homosexual relationship, this blog can help you with insights from a man who has been in a monogamous gay relationship for nearly two decades.
  14. Merrywives’ Blog: An interesting look at polygamy and at polygamous relationships.

Divorce Blogs

With divorce becoming more common, it is something that you may be struggling with. These blogs can help you develop healthy relationships after divorce, as well as help you interact in a healthy manner with your ex.

  1. Women’s Divorce Blog: A look at how women can rebuild their lives and personal relationships after a divorce.
  2. Judith’s Divorce Blog: Insights, advice and more related to divorce, and developing relationships after divorce. Includes information on separation as well.
  3. Fresh Start After Divorce: Support, information and more on developing healthy relationships after divorce.
  4. Divorce Saloon Blog: News and headlines regarding relationships and divorce, as well as helpful advice that you can use in your life.
  5. Thrive After Divorce Blog: Learn how to thrive after divorce, and get your questions about your relationship with your ex answered.
  6. Lawlady’s Divorce Blog: Learn more about divorce, relationships, and getting through it.
  7. Ex in the City: Find out how to live after divorce, and how to get on with your other relationships.
  8. Divorce 360: Cope with divorce, and get tips for getting back out there and developing personal relationships with other again.
  9. A great relationship blog about divorce, aimed primarily at men. Helpful and insightful.
  10. SecretDivorce: A look at divorce planning and other information that can help you with relationships after divorce. The advice is aimed mainly at men.
  11. Adam’s Wedding Dress: An interesting take on divorce, along with support information and more.
  12. Divorce Advice: Information, tips and advice on moving beyond divorce.

Kids and Family Relationship Blogs

Learn insights and hints associated with living in a family unit. Includes parent and child interactions, as well as sibling interactions. Some parenting blogs are included here as well.

  1. Connect with Your Teens: Keep up with pop culture and what’s important to teens. Great help on developing relationships with your teens.
  2. Relationship Advice for Kids and Teens: This is a part of the Finding Dulcinea site that offers great, helpful advice on how kids and teens can develop relationships.
  3. Parenting Teens: You can learn more about teenagers, and how to develop relationships with your kids.
  4. Family Man Online: A great parenting site and blog that can help you connect with your kids.
  5. Family Relationships Magazine: Helpful resource with blog posts and articles about family relationships.
  6. Singlemommyhood: An insightful blog about being a single parent, and developing a relationship with your children in such circumstances.
  7. A Household Blog: Advice for parenting and family relationships, as well as one that addresses common household health issues.
  8. DadLabs Blog: A fun look at how you can connect with your kids, and develop healthy relationships with them.
  9. Simple Kids: A blog on parenting advice. It also includes information on helping your kids develop relationships with each other as well as with you.
  10. Blended Family Advice Blog: Learn about developing relationships in a blended family.

Self Development Blogs

You need to develop a good relationship with yourself. These blogs can help you develop confidence in yourself, and learn to like yourself so that you are in a better place to develop relationships with others.

  1. Being in Becoming: Find out more about how you can be a better version of yourself.
  2. Midlife – A Journey: Helpful information from someone going through midlife. Great insights that can you.
  3. The Fluent Self: Learn more about yourself, and find out how to develop further.
  4. The Self Improvement Blog: Learn more about how you can enjoy yourself more.
  5. La’s Self Discovery Blog: Let La guide you as you learn about her self discovery — and get idea for your own!
  6. Self Leadership Coaching Blog: Learn how to become a better leader — helping you develop better personal relationships with others.
  7. Self Improvement Saga: Learn more about developing a better personal relationship with yourself.
  8. Women’s Happiness: Find out more about yourself, and what you can do to build healthier relationships that increase your happiness.
  9. Advice Sisters: Learn more about finding happiness and success in life and relationships.
  10. Stratejoy: Get help and advice for developing better as a person and in your relationships.
  11. You Already Know This Stuff: Reminders about how you can live your best life.
  12. Marc and Angel Hack Life: Great ideas and inspirations that can help you live a better life and interact better with others.
  13. Life Optimizer: Learn how to improve yourself, and lay the foundation for better relationships.
  14. The Change Blog: Find out how you can change your life.

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