Career Opportunities for Masters in Counseling Degree Holders

By getting a master’s degree in counseling, you’re opening a number of career doors within multiple industries. The great thing about this type of degree is that it is generalized enough to allow you to qualify for a wide range of jobs, while also giving you the opportunity to specialize to learn more about a specific type of counseling. Let’s look at all of the career opportunities available for masters in counseling degree holders.

Types of Counseling Careers

Counselors can work in any number of facilities to help patients work through their problems. For example, some counselors work in prisons or rehab facilities, helping patients overcome addictions, while other counselors work with students to help them make career decisions and still others work with families to help couples work through their problems. Counselors can also work with mental health patients, help people with the grieving process, or give families financial advice. Your master’s degree program will give you the chance to take some specialized classes to you can become the type of counselor that most interests you.

Daily Tasks as a Counselor

With as masters in counseling, you’ll be prepared to take on a number of daily tasks, depending on your job title, but most counselors spend much of their time working directly with patients. You could work with patients in a group or on a one-on-one basis. Most counselors do both, helping patients help one another and providing solo care. Depending on the state where you live, you could also be responsible for referring patients to medical treatment facilities or approving doctor recommendations for medications or treatment plans.

Your Counseling Education

To work as a counselor, you need at least a bachelor’s degree, though many states require that you hold an advanced degree if you want to be licensed to work independently. Your master’s degree program will cover advanced counseling skills, as well as give you the opportunity to specialize in one area of counseling if you so choose. You’ll also get the chance to work in real-world situations with patients, learning about counseling in a hands-on way under the supervision of those who are already counselors.

Top Online Masters in Counseling Degrees

Kaplan University MS in Psychology MS in General Psychology MS in Addictions Psychology MS in Behavioral Psychology Kaplan University › Kaplan University, one of the nation's largest online universities, has a variety of Masters in Counseling degrees available through accredited, online programs. These programs deal with psychology and the interaction of various forms of treatment on the human mind, building upon the groundwork for students seeking careers in counseling. Students can find specializations in Psychology, General Studies, Addictions Psychology, and Behavioral Psychology.
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Liberty University M.Ed. in School Counseling MA in Professional Counseling MA in Pastoral Counseling Liberty University › Liberty University's online M.Ed. in school counseling, MA in professional counseling, and MA in pastoral counseling programs prepare students for state licensure and national certification, and ultimately for careers in mental health agencies and private practices. The curriculums integrate faith and counseling, theories and skills, and legal issues.
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Walden University MS in Forensic Counseling MS in Mental Counseling Walden University › Walden University offers both an MS degree in Mental Health Counseling and an MS degree in in Forensic Counseling. These curriculums are designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce immediately, where they incorporate there skills throughout the fields of healthcare and forensics.
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University of the Rockies MA in Career Counseling University of the Rockies › The University of the Rockies Master's program in Psychology with a Career Counseling specialization offers students the ability to learn how psychological research influences job seeking and career decisions. The curriculum empowers graduates to assess the performances of job candidates, and use group dynamics to build driven teams.
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Grand Canyon University MS in Addiction Counseling MS in Professional Counseling Grand Canyon University › The Grand Canyon University MS programs in Professional Counseling and Addiction Counseling allow students to meet the requirements for licensure in Arizona. For those do not live in Arizona, they will be prepared to begin the process of certification in their respective states.
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Argosy University Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology MA in Forensic Psychology MA in I/O Psychology MA in Sport Psychology Argosy University › Argosy University offers professional education in business, education, and psychology. The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in counseling psychology enhances the counseling expertise of those seeking leadership or teaching positions within the field. Other psychology-related online programs include the MA in forensic psychology, MA in industrial/organizational psychology, and MA in sport-exercise psychology.
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