Experts have proven that retaining your mental fitness as you age is largely within your own control. Your brain, particularly as you get older, is a “use it or lose it” part of your body. Playing games and completing puzzles has been shown to help keep the brain fit at any age. Here are 21 video games that can help you keep your mind sharp.

  1. Portal: This is a real mind bender, as you navigate the protagonist through a series of rooms. It’s very well written and thought provoking. It’s rated T for teen and available on PS3 and Xbox.
  2. Brain Age: Though Brain Age games were invented to help us grownups keep our brains sharp, they are great for kids too. They require you to quickly add, spell, etc. There’s Brain Age for math and English. It’s available for many platforms and is suitable for all ages.
  3. Civilization Revolution: Start your town with mud huts and continue developing it indefinitely. Eventually, your civilization will make it to space travel and other modern evolutions.
  4. Safecracker: Safecracker is a tough game to beat – one you almost certainly can’t beat in just a few settings. It’s recommended that you load a memory card before you begin playing so that you can save your work from your session. In Safecracker, your challenge is to crack 35 safes located within a mansion. Safecracker is available for Wii.
  5. Hooked: This fishing game requires mental skill. You can fish on your own, or fish tournaments. This game is available for Wii.
  6. Bowling: Bowling requires a great combination of mental and physical coordination. Wii Sports Bowling is a great way to bowl- without leaving home. It is less physically strenuous than real bowling, so it’s suitable for everyone.
  7. Lotus Flame: Located in the “Balance Games” on the Wii Fit, this game requires focus and concentration. You sit still and focus on the flame. Moving causes the flame to go out. You’ll have to unlock this game on Wii Fit by playing enough hours.
  8. Mario Kart: Go cart racing requires concentration and improves your ability to react quickly. Mario Kart is available for Wii, Playstation and Nintendo DS.
  9. Tiger Woods PGA Tour: Golf requires physical and mental agility, and this video golf game does, too. It’s available for Wii Fit.
  10. Sharp Brains Brain Teasers: Sharp Brains is a great site dedicated to keeping your brain fit no matter your age. Their brain teasers section.
  11. The Senses Challenge: This online game takes about 10 minutes and challenges your senses. It’s great for helping keep your brain sharp.
  12. Games for the Brain: This is a great site. It offers a wide variety of online games like checkers, chess, mahjongg, and other games that many people are familiar with.
  13. Warfare 1917: This game makes you a WW I general. You must focus on trench warfare, yet keep your defenses strong, too. In order to take over enemy ground, you must keep your army in perfect order.
  14. Tower Defense: Tower Defense is a strategy/ puzzle game that requires you to keep your player safe from the bad guys by using attacking pieces and setting up mazes.
  15. Pandemic: In this game, you become a virus and try to infect a city.
  16. Dominion: In Dominion, you’ll build a kingdom, grow it and protect it. This game requires thought and strategy. You can play it online for free.
  17. Koffi: This is a site dedicated to offering lots of free online games. It offers Sudoku, one of the best games for sharpening your brain, among other games.
  18. Puzzle Sampler: Many experts have said that puzzles are one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp. This website allows you to play puzzles online.
  19. Brain Bashers: This is a great online site that offers a wide variety of games to sharpen the mind. And, the best thing about this site is that they add new content very regularly, so you’ll never get bored.
  20. Braingle: Braingle is another great site for training the brain. You’ll find games, puzzles and riddles on this site.
  21. Happy Neuron: This site offers lots of resources for helping adults keep their brains sharp. Games are just one aspect of the site.

With these games at your fingertips, you’re sure to keep your brain sharp no matter how old you are.

No matter your job or your salary, at some point it becomes necessary to learn how to handle personal relationships. Personal relationships add richness to our lives, and studies indicate that people live longer, feel healthier and enjoy better emotional and mental health. However, it can be difficult to develop these relationships in a healthy manner.

In some cases, people need to see professional counselors in order to help them develop healthy relationships. However, if you are looking for a little simple guidance, you can find it online. There are a number of blogs that can provide insight into your personal relationships and how to develop them. Here are 50 blogs that can help you with your personal relationships. (more…)

Google is the home page on lots of computers these days. It’s fast and reliable, and with Chrome extensions added, can be your best friend when it comes to finding what you need and doing what you need to do. Upgrading your Google page to Google Chrome will will make your web browsing faster as well as give you lots more flexibility because of all the great extensions that are available with Google Chrome. There is a Google Chrome extension for everything imaginable, from hearing a drumbeat, to checking your email to determining where you’ll eat dinner tonight and which movie you’ll see after dinner.Google Chrome extensions are free and easy to download onto your Google page. Check out these top 10 Chrome extensions we think every counselor will love.

  1. Google Mail Checker: Being able to check your email right on Google is such a timesaver. This Chrome extension allows you to automatically link to your email account to check for new mail quickly and easily. There are soon to be upgrades that will let you check more than one email account this way.
  2. Shareaholic: Quickly share web pages and the articles on them with family, colleagues and clients.You can even share upcoming events like seminars by simply sending the page with information about the event to those you think would be interested in attending.
  3. Faraday’s Book: This Google Chrome extension allows you to post to your Faraday’s Book account quickly and easily.Just post your update on this extension and it goes right to Faraday with the push of a button. Faraday’s Book is a great way to save retrieve and view notes. Each word in a note is a tag/keyword. Using this approach allows you quick and easy notes management by using meaningful words in your notes.
  4. Google Map: Google Maps lets you have your Google map open in one window without changing losing the other website you’re browsing. Finding directions and even sending the map with directions to your office right to new clients has never been easier.
  5. Fastest Tube: You Tube videos are often great teaching tools. When you want to use one to give some examples to a client, using Fastest Tube will help you get to the videos quick and easy. Bookmark your favorites, too.
  6. Autopager: Autopager allows you to automatically load the next page of a site in line when you get to the end of the first page. It’s a real time saver when you’re reading through a lot of material.
  7. Daily Favorites: This extension loads your frequently visited pages quickly with the touch of a button. No longer will you have to constantly reload those pages that you visit every day. They’ll be right there in a simple list so that you can get to them with one click.
  8. Yoono: Get to all your social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Friendface, MySpace, Flickr and Linked In more quickly using Yoono.
  9. ScribeFire: Got a blog? ScribeFire is a great way to post to all your blogs quickly and easily. It is compatible with almost every blogging software.
  10. RSS Subscription Extension: Get your subscriptions via RSS feed quickly and easily with this extension. Monitoring your favorite blogs and websites has never been easier.

We’re all looking for ways to be more productive. Using the right web browser, however might not be a productivity tool we’ve considered. But, using Google Chrome as your web browser and finding all the extensions that make your life easier, is a great way to save time for yourself when searching on the web.

Developers are always coming up with new Google Chrome extensions, based on what people want and need their browsers to do for them. So, if you keep on the lookout, you’ll see new Google Chrome extensions added every month. Some of them may be just what you need to stay productive and have some fun with your web browser, too.

A counselor’s role comes into force and brightness to a person who is going through depression. A counselor helps his client to come out of a difficult situation they are distressed and have entire interest in living.  As a counselor you can understand things from client’s perspective and can aid him to watch out things more clearly and specifically.

Counseling more can be said to be the skill as to assist people by the mean of discussions to aid them to cope in various adverse situations and circumstances. A counselor happens to be a teacher, confidant and advisor to his/her clients. A counselor help people troubled psychologically in problems as personal, family, educational, mental health, drug and alcohol addition and many other problems related to career decisions. A counselor works in variety of surroundings like schools, colleges, clinics, deaddiction, NGOS, AIDS counseling centers welfare departments as well as in private practice. There are counseling services which cater to certain specific groups like young people, the elderly or specific problems like drug addiction, AIDS and other problems. With reference to providing counseling there are many places where a person can learn and objectify things as a counselor.

As far as place to work a counselor works in both private as well as schools in metros, coaching institutes and training centers and some professional counselor develops their career as marriage and behavioral counselors. Counselors do also get employment in clinics, welfare departments and non government organizations as to cater with developmental issues. They work in health care facilities including vocational rehabilitation centers, social agencies, correctional institutions and residential care facilities like rehabilitation programs for criminal offenders and homes for abandoned children, the aged and the disabled. Industrial organizations too also seek assistance from counselor for handing out welfare and labor relations problems.

Counselors do also get employment in social welfare organizations for improving overall condition of the society under drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and under state and local government agencies. Internets have also provided better opportunities for counselor as for the online counseling that has become to integral to online education.

Online chat with the counselor for developing personality in steps like mock interviews, aptitude tests to evaluate are some of the features of the Online Counseling.

Eligibility: As far as legibility to take admission into the course is not as prominent yet anyone who needs to make career into the field of counseling should have a specialization into the course or in that field or area of job. The ideal qualification to become or get enrolled in counseling is to have some premier knowledge and learning in psychology. One can also have study in the field after having postgraduate study in psychology at most colleges and universities. Moreover apart from academic qualifications a counselor should also have high physical and emotional energy to handle the array of problems as being addressed by them.

Therefore, it is evident where there is occurring a mad race and competitiveness in order to get away and ahead of others the pressure of modern life is even forcing people to have professional, emotional, social help to get out of vocational problems after having counseling.

Mood in psychology is known as to be a long lasting emotional state and it varies in simple emotions as it remains to be less specific, less intense and hardly to be prompted by any stimulus or event. Mood can have variably two types of impacts either positive or negative impact.  Other way a mood either can be good or bad. And contrary to acute emotions like fear and surprise moods generally last for hours or days.

Mood also varies in a person due to temperament and personality that tends to remain even for longer period of time. Long term disturbances of mood like as depression and bipolar disorder are known to be as mood disorders. Mood is an internal, subjective state, but it often can be inferred from posture and other behaviors. Overall to keep ones mood better tuned in day today life a person should always follow below given tips.

  1. Be Helpful: Small activities like washing your friend’s mug or bringing a friend dinner improves your mood. People with having helping attitude are tending to be happier than those who hardly help others.
  2. Careful of People Around You: Company of negative people do also bring you down and make you unhappy so always be away from negative thoughts and negative feelings and negative people around you.
  3. Exercise: Doing exercise not only fits your body healthy and also improves your mood as while doing exercise “feel-good” neurotransmitters get release in the brain. As it helps in reducing negative nervous tension and improves mood for the whole day. The best period of the day to do exercise is early morning.
  4. Have a Deep Breath: People having problem of depression tends to be shallow breathers. Running and meditation can help to improve one to have deep breathing. With deep breath certain neurotransmitters gets released in the brain that are associated with calm feelings.
  5. Remain Curious: People that are tend to be more interested in other people and things are going to be more intelligent and happier than those who hardly take interest on other things and happenings. So to become happy one should always take interest into other people and activities in them.
  6. Fast Thinking: People who think fast or read quickly happen to be more creative, happier and energetic afterwards than other people comparatively.
  7. Say Thanks: Being grateful for what you receive from other as well as god makes you much happier. So start thinking about things you are grateful in your life.
  8. Observe Your Thoughts: You should always monitor your thoughts so you may correct negative thoughts that come to your mind again and again and make you depress and anxious.
  9. Get Away From Past: If you have some bad or sour memories just get away from them as they would make you anxious about your future or away from the depression of the past, present or future. You can play with your pet or instead do some exercise with your friends.
  10. Be Friendlier to Strangers: Talking to strangers can be a powerful way to increase your mood. This occurs because when we meet someone for the first time, we naturally try to be nice and cheerful in order to make a good first impression. And when you act in a good mood, you soon begin to feel that way.

Getting an online Master of Counseling degree is a great way of making gains in your career while at the same time helping a lot of people. Many studies show that there is an increasing number of youth, children as well as adults who are suffering from one form of mental disorder or another. This means that there is an equally increasing need for counselors to help the ordinary folk in the community deal with the various problems in their lives. So if you are the kind of person that likes to interact with others and guide them through then an online Master of Counseling is certainly a good idea.

As a counselor there are many settings that your skills and education can be put to use in a fulfilling way. The most common job setting is in schools and colleges where you will act either as a career counselor, a counselor in mental and physical health or even a religious counselor. You may also establish a niche in the non-governmental organizations that deal with conflict, development, women and child policy issues. An online Master of Counseling degree may also provide you with the opportunity to establish your own clinic where you can assist in the various needs of your community such as family therapy, substance abuse and offering guidance to the youth. The fact is that with this kind of degree you are able to enhance your versatility in the field of counseling because most of these institutions require higher degrees as well as a professional license to offer you a job.

Other than the myriad of opportunities another advantage of taking up an online Master of Counseling degree is that you can still continue working. The fact is that unlike earning a degree that requires you to be in class, with an online degree you just need to create your own schedule and be disciplined enough to adhere to it. If you have other commitments such as family you can see how this offers you flexibility.

Acquiring and online Master of Counseling degree from a well known university is very important. There are quite a handful of institutions of higher learning that offer comprehensive online degrees for Master of Counseling. The type of accreditation is particularly important as this will determined whether or not your prospective employers will recognize your qualifications. Take your time and research only for the best universities in terms of achievements as well as how well the particular department or faculty is known by the concerned accreditation bodies. It is also important to have in mind the areas of specialization that you would like to be accredited given that this is a very specialized area of study. This consideration will in fact not limit your career options but it will enhance your value in the world of professional counseling.