Experts have proven that retaining your mental fitness as you age is largely within your own control. Your brain, particularly as you get older, is a “use it or lose it” part of your body. Playing games and completing puzzles has been shown to help keep the brain fit at any age. Here are 21 video games that can help you keep your mind sharp.

  1. Portal: This is a real mind bender, as you navigate the protagonist through a series of rooms. It’s very well written and thought provoking. It’s rated T for teen and available on PS3 and Xbox.
  2. Brain Age: Though Brain Age games were invented to help us grownups keep our brains sharp, they are great for kids too. They require you to quickly add, spell, etc. There’s Brain Age for math and English. It’s available for many platforms and is suitable for all ages.
  3. Civilization Revolution: Start your town with mud huts and continue developing it indefinitely. Eventually, your civilization will make it to space travel and other modern evolutions.
  4. Safecracker: Safecracker is a tough game to beat – one you almost certainly can’t beat in just a few settings. It’s recommended that you load a memory card before you begin playing so that you can save your work from your session. In Safecracker, your challenge is to crack 35 safes located within a mansion. Safecracker is available for Wii.
  5. Hooked: This fishing game requires mental skill. You can fish on your own, or fish tournaments. This game is available for Wii.
  6. Bowling: Bowling requires a great combination of mental and physical coordination. Wii Sports Bowling is a great way to bowl- without leaving home. It is less physically strenuous than real bowling, so it’s suitable for everyone.
  7. Lotus Flame: Located in the “Balance Games” on the Wii Fit, this game requires focus and concentration. You sit still and focus on the flame. Moving causes the flame to go out. You’ll have to unlock this game on Wii Fit by playing enough hours.
  8. Mario Kart: Go cart racing requires concentration and improves your ability to react quickly. Mario Kart is available for Wii, Playstation and Nintendo DS.
  9. Tiger Woods PGA Tour: Golf requires physical and mental agility, and this video golf game does, too. It’s available for Wii Fit.
  10. Sharp Brains Brain Teasers: Sharp Brains is a great site dedicated to keeping your brain fit no matter your age. Their brain teasers section.
  11. The Senses Challenge: This online game takes about 10 minutes and challenges your senses. It’s great for helping keep your brain sharp.
  12. Games for the Brain: This is a great site. It offers a wide variety of online games like checkers, chess, mahjongg, and other games that many people are familiar with.
  13. Warfare 1917: This game makes you a WW I general. You must focus on trench warfare, yet keep your defenses strong, too. In order to take over enemy ground, you must keep your army in perfect order.
  14. Tower Defense: Tower Defense is a strategy/ puzzle game that requires you to keep your player safe from the bad guys by using attacking pieces and setting up mazes.
  15. Pandemic: In this game, you become a virus and try to infect a city.
  16. Dominion: In Dominion, you’ll build a kingdom, grow it and protect it. This game requires thought and strategy. You can play it online for free.
  17. Koffi: This is a site dedicated to offering lots of free online games. It offers Sudoku, one of the best games for sharpening your brain, among other games.
  18. Puzzle Sampler: Many experts have said that puzzles are one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp. This website allows you to play puzzles online.
  19. Brain Bashers: This is a great online site that offers a wide variety of games to sharpen the mind. And, the best thing about this site is that they add new content very regularly, so you’ll never get bored.
  20. Braingle: Braingle is another great site for training the brain. You’ll find games, puzzles and riddles on this site.
  21. Happy Neuron: This site offers lots of resources for helping adults keep their brains sharp. Games are just one aspect of the site.

With these games at your fingertips, you’re sure to keep your brain sharp no matter how old you are.

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