Mood in psychology is known as to be a long lasting emotional state and it varies in simple emotions as it remains to be less specific, less intense and hardly to be prompted by any stimulus or event. Mood can have variably two types of impacts either positive or negative impact.  Other way a mood either can be good or bad. And contrary to acute emotions like fear and surprise moods generally last for hours or days.

Mood also varies in a person due to temperament and personality that tends to remain even for longer period of time. Long term disturbances of mood like as depression and bipolar disorder are known to be as mood disorders. Mood is an internal, subjective state, but it often can be inferred from posture and other behaviors. Overall to keep ones mood better tuned in day today life a person should always follow below given tips.

  1. Be Helpful: Small activities like washing your friend’s mug or bringing a friend dinner improves your mood. People with having helping attitude are tending to be happier than those who hardly help others.
  2. Careful of People Around You: Company of negative people do also bring you down and make you unhappy so always be away from negative thoughts and negative feelings and negative people around you.
  3. Exercise: Doing exercise not only fits your body healthy and also improves your mood as while doing exercise “feel-good” neurotransmitters get release in the brain. As it helps in reducing negative nervous tension and improves mood for the whole day. The best period of the day to do exercise is early morning.
  4. Have a Deep Breath: People having problem of depression tends to be shallow breathers. Running and meditation can help to improve one to have deep breathing. With deep breath certain neurotransmitters gets released in the brain that are associated with calm feelings.
  5. Remain Curious: People that are tend to be more interested in other people and things are going to be more intelligent and happier than those who hardly take interest on other things and happenings. So to become happy one should always take interest into other people and activities in them.
  6. Fast Thinking: People who think fast or read quickly happen to be more creative, happier and energetic afterwards than other people comparatively.
  7. Say Thanks: Being grateful for what you receive from other as well as god makes you much happier. So start thinking about things you are grateful in your life.
  8. Observe Your Thoughts: You should always monitor your thoughts so you may correct negative thoughts that come to your mind again and again and make you depress and anxious.
  9. Get Away From Past: If you have some bad or sour memories just get away from them as they would make you anxious about your future or away from the depression of the past, present or future. You can play with your pet or instead do some exercise with your friends.
  10. Be Friendlier to Strangers: Talking to strangers can be a powerful way to increase your mood. This occurs because when we meet someone for the first time, we naturally try to be nice and cheerful in order to make a good first impression. And when you act in a good mood, you soon begin to feel that way.

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